Employer Tax Services

Employer Tax Services

Global Payroll Reporting

Global payroll reporting services undertake the collection and consolidation of onshore and offshore compensation as well as benefit details from multiple sources, on a periodic basis or at year end, to facilitate accurate and timely shadow payroll and tax reporting.

Hypothetical Tax Calculation

Prepare initial and update of hypothetical tax calculation to determine the appropriate amount of deductions to be made from US and/or foreign payroll for employee’s tax on hypothetical income.

Tax Protection Calculation

Prepare tax protection calculation to determine any settlement necessary to protect employee for excess tax liabilities incurred for the tax year.

Tax Equalization Calculation

Prepare tax equalization calculation to reconcile employer’s and employee’s share of tax liabilities for final settlement after the close of tax year.

Tax Gross Up Calculation

Prepare or review ad-hoc and year-end tax gross up calculation to ensure sufficient taxes are withheld on taxable assignment and relocation benefits covered by assignment or relocation policies.